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Is this thing legit?
BraeWatch is just a large group of your neighbors collaborating to reduce crime in the area, under the advisement of law enforcement. There are Altadena Sheriff's detectives and Sheriff's Community Advisory Council representatives monitoring and participating in the BraeWatch blog. There is no advertising on the blog and no purpose for the blog other than to empower local residents to reduce crime. If you have concerns, you are welcome to contact the Sheriff's station at (626) 798 1131.

Who owns and operates BraeWatch?
All residents living within the BraeWatch boundaries.

What are the BraeWatch boundaries? The area covered by BraeWatch does not conform to any specific existing named area of Altadena. Braeburn Road cuts roughly through the center and spans the width of the area. Hence the name "BraeWatch."

BraeWatch boundaries. Click picture to enlarge.

Am I eligible to participate?
Participation is limited to verified residents living within the BraeWatch boundaries. BraeWatch may expand in the future, but is already very large for a neighborhood watch group, with hundreds of homes included. We encourage the formation of sister neighborhood watch groups in Altadena and we are committed to support and work in partnership will all such groups.

Does anyone make money from BraeWatch?
That would be swell, but no. BraeWatch is a free resource, and advertising is not permitted on the blog.

I don't understand "blogs." 
Think of the BraeWatch blog as a private, online bulletin board to which any local resident or local law enforcement representative is able to easily share neighborhood security information, simply by typing a message in a box and pressing "save," which communicates that information to the neighborhood online and by email notice. No technical expertise is required. You need not understand blogs or blogging to benefit from BraeWatch.

Can I receive BraeWatch information by email? 
Yes. After you complete the registration process, you can subscribe to receive information and alerts by email, and need not re-visit or use the blog. But you are welcome to post alerts and info to the blog at any time.

How can I invite my neighbors to participate on BraeWatch?
Yes. Invite your neighbors to visit and register for access to the blog.

Who can post information to BraeWatch?
Any registered user is encouraged to share security-related information on BraeWatch.

Why do I need to register?
BraeWatch is available only to verified residents living within the BraeWatch boundaries, and is not accessible to the public.

How do I register?
Go to and click "Register Now," or just click here.

Will I receive a lot of email if I subscribe to BraeWatch?
No. Our average is 2 to 4 emails per month, strictly limited to neighborhood security issues. All messages are moderated.

Will I receive spam messages if I subscribe to BraeWatch?
No. Your email address will only be used to alert you to local emergencies and  security-related information posted to Braewatch, and only at your request.

Will my name, email address or comments to show up on Google or Yahoo, or elsewhere on the internet?
No. Google, Yahoo and other search engines have no access to information shared on BraeWatch. Only verified BraeWatch area residents have access to BraeWatch.

What is the "BraeWatch Neighborhood Watch Emergency Contact List"?
The Emergency Contact List is a private contact list to be used to notify homeowners of suspicious activity occurring on or near their properties, and for use in the event of fires, floods, earthquakes, civil unrest, and other emergencies. For example, if a van pulls into your driveway while you are not home and "movers" defeat your alarm system and begin loading your belongings into the van (and yes, this has occurred in the area), or if water is pouring out of your front door due to a burst pipe, your neighbors will be able to use the Emergency Contact List to alert you to the situation by contacting you at your workplace, or on your cell phone, or by email. Of course, you have access to the list at any time, for use in alerting your neighbors in the event of an emergency.

How can I add my info to the Emergency Contact List?
After you complete the registration process, your info will be added to the list.

How do I update my Emergency Contact List information after I am listed? 
Updates are handled by volunteer administrators. Email your request to

I no longer wish to receive BraeWatch emails. How can I unsubscribe?
Send an email to and enter "unsubscribe" in the subject line. Email should stop within 24-72 hours.

More Questions?
Contact Us.