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Welcome neighbor! Join BraeWatch to access the web site where your Altadena neighbors and the Sheriff are working together to protect homes and families in our neighborhood. Let's get you registered.

If you have previously registered, please stop, click here for more info, and do not re-register.

BraeWatch resources include both a Neighborhood Watch Blog (see sample)  and a Neighborhood Watch Emergency Contact List. To join BraeWatch, first register for the private BraeWatch Emergency Contact list. Then you will be invited to access to the BraeWatch Blog.  Only residents  within the Braewatch boundaries may register:

BraeWatch boundaries. Click image to enlarge


Step 1: Register for the Neighborhood Watch Emergency Contact List. A private contact list, accessible only to BraeWatch members.  Enables neighbors to notify you at home, work or cell to report suspicious activity on or around your property. Also supports real-time emergency alert email broadcasts and neighbor phone trees during natural disasters and other major events.

If you agree to these terms, and if you currently live within the BraeWatch boundaries pictured above, click on the link to register: By submitting your registration, you agree to abide by these simple forum rules: Discussion is strictly limited to security and neighborhood watch issues. No posts regarding politics, religion, news, current events, town council, neighbor disputes or any topic not directly relevant to neighborhood security. Posting of personal attacks, criticism of or complaints against other area residents, law enforcement personnel or the volunteer blog moderators will result in immediate and permanent removal from this blog.

Click HERE to agree to the above terms and register for the BraeWatch Emergency Contact List.


Step 2: Register for the BraeWatch Blog.  Designed to improve and support the sharing of security alerts and information between area residents. Monitored by law enforcement. Within one week after completing Step 1, you will receive an invitation by email to register for the BraeWatch blog. Watch your inbox and  spam folder for an email with a subject line of "you have been invited to contribute to BraeWatch." In that email, click on the link provided, and complete your registration at From that moment forward, you can log in at by clicking "enter."


Questions? See the Registration FAQ, the BraeWatch FAQ or contact