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Please note:  this is the "Registration FAQ." For general info like "Is this thing legit?" or "Am I eligible to participate?"  please see the general BraeWatch FAQ.

Registration FAQ:

Why do I need to register?
BraeWatch is available only to verified residents living within the BraeWatch Boundaries in Altadena. 

I have not yet received an invitation to register. How can I register?
Click here and follow the instructions.

I have already received an invitation to register for BraeWatch blog. what do I do now?
Click the link in the invitation, and follow the instructions.

After I complete my registration, how do I access BraeWatch?
(1) Visit
(2) Click "enter" and enter your email and password to access at any time.

Do I need a Google Account or Gmail Account?
You only need a Google account if you wish share information and alerts with other area residents. If you only wish to read the blog, you do not need a Google account. Either way, you do not need a Gmail account.  Gmail accounts and Google accounts are two different types of accounts.

More Questions?
Contact Us.